My interests are quite diverse. I love observing and discussing creative mediums of all kinds - movies, TV, books, videogames, comics, and music, to name a few. (Especially if they're a bit geeky or have Joss Whedon's name attached to them.) I also occasionally host game nights among friends, where we gather and play all kinds of board games, ranging from your average social game (Apples to Apples, anyone?) to in-depth strategy board games (yes, I will kick your butt at Settlers of Catan). I've been known to enjoy a bit of writing, amateur photography, indoor rock-climbing, and crafting, and I love traveling to new places.

In my free time I enjoy creating art in the form of jewelry, and on an average night you might find me playing Rock Band, watching Shark Tank on Hulu Plus, eating sushi, singing karaoke, spending time with friends, or even staying up all night playing games for sick kids. (Well, maybe that last night isn't so average!)